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Lift Installation

If you are an architect, construction project manager, building owner, estates co-ordinator or engineer, then you will be familiar with the term lift installation. By law, a lift installation is required in order to transport people between floors where ramps are not a viable option.

From an architectural aspect, where new construction projects are undertaken, lift installations can sometimes be a focal point to the overall building design, focusing on where users require access, their direct walk through route through a development and where people congregate in order to utilise the service. There may also be more than one lift installation where there is a heavy foot fall of people or where there are several floors which require access by using the lift service. At Lift & Engineering Services we offer lift installations to suit the individual architectural needs of the building and also the requirements of its users. Our contemporary lift structures offer a slick design with accessibility as our main priority. Inside the lift interior, our clearly presented instructions and sleek style offer clients a pleasant user experience whilst in transit.

All our lift installations are thoroughly researched at the design stage. Presented in 3D-CAD drawings we are able to discuss style details including size, colour and materials prior to manufacture to ensure that the correct design brief is met. Whilst from a technical, engineering point of view, agreements with regards to the construction of the lift shaft and the manufacture of the lift system itself, covers mechanism aspects such as the electric motor, traction cables / counterweight system, lift hoist, etc.

If you are considering at lift installation for a new or existing construction project, then why not consider Lift & Engineering Services Ltd With over 30 years experience in the lift industry and a team of staff of over one hundred employees, our combined knowledge circulates within many levels of lift manufacture and service ensuring that as our client, you have the right experience and support.







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