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Lift Refurbishment

So often, lift refurbishment is the preferred option when clients are looking to modernise or improve the facility of their existing lift installation. For a lift which has been in service for many years, lift refurbishment is sometimes a more cost effective choice and with the right replacement parts and modifications, it can revive a lift system for many years to come. As the building owner or management contractor you may already have an appointed lift company in place to oversee the modernisation work. If you don’t, then you could be encountering regular problems with the lift system which could be negatively impacting on your business and your own levels of customer service in many ways.

Here at Lift & Engineering Services Ltd, we are confident in taking on externally manufactured lifts and subsequent to review, we will design a service agreement to maintain them and support you as our client. Our lift refurbishment service covers many aspects of lift construction; it begins with a consultation and review of the existing lift structure, followed by recommendations to improve the mechanism and engineered hydraulics through to improving the cosmetic look of the lift cart itself. By upgrading components where necessary we are able to offer users a fulfilled and improved experience whilst using the service.

If you are an independent commercial company or a local authority organisation and reviewing your current lift service and its level of functionality and reliability for your clients and users, then you may like to consider us here at Lift & Engineering Services. With over 30 years experience in the lift industry and an extremely knowledgeable and reliable team of over 100 employees, we are specialists in lift refurbishment and are able to offer a complete and comprehensive service to our clients followed by optional and longer term lift support contracts.









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